How to get the Perfect Look

Wedding season is just around the corner!

How many of you get nervous before getting your hair and make up done? I’ll raise my hand to that. I grew up in a family where the women don’t wear anything other than mascara, so articulating what I want is difficult. My ‘natural’ has a different definition than someone else’s ‘natural.’

So, to de-stress all you brides, bridesmaids and mothers we chatted with the wonderful Ashley Backs, owner of Hello Lovely! She gave us some crazy cool insight on tips and tricks.

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Meet, Ashley!

She originally went to school to become an elementary school teacher, thought about exploring becoming a paralegal, then- boom! - she felt the calling to go to cosmetology school. Ashley attended both day and evening classes to finish cosmetology school in a record breaking six months. She started out working in salons but drifted towards the wedding industry and started her own company. Ashley is a self-taught make up artist and travels all over the United States to continue educating herself on tricks and trends. Less than a year ago, she opened her first brick and mortar, Hello Lovely Salon! Needless to say, we love Ashley and her incredible Hello Lovely team!


How to get the perfect look

with Ashley Backs

These three quick tips will set you up for a positive experience when getting your hair and make up done, whether it be for a trial or the big day!

Don’t come with your hair dirty

Say whaaaaaa?! We’ve been told this since our first Sadie Hawkins, right? Dirty hair will hold better! The longer you don’t wash, the longer the curl will stay!

Okay- we all want shiny beautiful tresses, especially on a wedding day. What we don’t want it shiny hair because it’s greasy hair. The ladies with Hello Lovely come equipped with products galore to make sure your cleaned that morning, then dried hair or your washed right before bed the night before hair will hold it’s curl all day with texture spray!


Bring photos….of yourself!

We all have that photo that was our Facebook profile picture for months. The one where our face is radiating confidence because we feel great about ourselves inside and out! Bring that photo to your trial and let your stylist know what you love about it! This will help your stylist understand what you love about yourself and what you want to accentuate. Pintrest photos are fantastic, so be sure to bring some of those too! Try and stick to photos of models with the same hair color and face shape as you.


Honesty is always the best policy

I don’t know about you, but after someone spends two hours beautifying me, I have a tough time asking them to tweak anything (helloooo people pleasing attitude).  Ashley has assured me that her feelings will be more hurt if I walk out not loving everything about my look than if I would just ask her to tweak whatever is bothering me! Your hair or make up artist hasn’t quite mastered the skill of mind reading yet, so maybe they didn’t get the look 100% correct right away but give them the chance to get there!


“We want you to feel comfortable and stress free on your wedding day. Getting your hair and make-up done should be the best [most relaxing] part of your day!”


Big thanks to Ashley for helping us crack the code on de-stressing before wedding season begins! Check out Ashley and her amazing team to see how they can beautify you and your gals!