Booking Your Honeymoon: 4 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

At Wild Hill Flowers and Events we love our Kansas City Wedding Vendor community and all the amazing services they offer our brides! We truly work with some of the most kind and talented people in the wedding industry and Robert Riesmeyer and Christie Nordmeyer of Travel Unrivaled are no exception! We’ve invited them to write a guest post on our blog to help ease the stress of our couples who are wanting to plan an unforgettable honeymoon! Keep reading to learn four benefits of booking a travel agent! We think you are really going to like reason number three!

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You’ve pored over the guest list.  Contacted the florist, the DJ, and secured the venue.  You’ve set up the dress fittings, scheduled the bridal shower, and meticulously arranged the seating chart.  And now, you’re a few months away, counting down the days until your shining moment is over, and the two of you can set sail away from the stress, and immerse yourself in wedded bliss.  And honeymoon adventures, of course.  

            However, where so many couples go wrong is thinking they should plan this once-in-a-lifetime adventure themselves. Sure, you might be able to watch a video tutorial on floral arrangements, but the likelihood that it will turn out as breathtaking as a bouquet handcrafted by an expert in the industry is slim to none.  So, for the same reason you rely on artists to carry out their craft, you should call upon a travel agent to customize your “thank-goodness-that’s-over-and-we-can-all-relax” experience!  In case you need a little more convincing, here’s a few of the biggest reasons why: 

1. It’s Convenient

 Let’s be honest, wedding planning is stressful enough.  And just when you’re at your wits end, trying to keep your cool making everyone (and their dietary restrictions) happy with your menu selection, the last thing you want to deal with is deciphering the difference between a 3.5 and 4 star hotel. Combing through 23 room categories, comparing the inclusions, and booking flights without a 12-hour layover is enough to send anyone over the edge.  Unless you’re an expert.  And it’s your job.  Why not put all that nonsense on someone else’s plate?  Then you can focus on enjoying every moment of it without thinking of all the headaches it took to get there.  


2. They Have the Scoop

 Just like the aforementioned florist knows which blooms are best for each season, a travel agent studies the loopholes, and understands the path of least resistance between Point A and Paradise. They have the cliff’s notes on cheapest days to fly, who’s running the best specials, and which destination will cross at least 3 items off your bucket list.  Simply put, you give them your wish list, and they make the magic happen. 


3. It’s Free

Yes, you read that right!  One of the biggest reasons people book themselves is to save the fees of hiring someone to do it for them.  But, using a travel agent shouldn’t actually cost YOU anything.  A little-known industry secret is that agents get paid from the providers, NOT the travelers.  It’s one of those rare, magical unicorn situations where literally everyone wins.  To us, this translates to a no-brainer. 


4. It’s Peace of Mind

In the perfect scenario, the flights and the stay are all a seamless, perfectly-executed experience.  Until they aren’t.  And when the proverbial crud cruises up to the fan, are you going to spend part of your vacation in the teleprompting queue to Travelocity, trying to get a human contact to take your concerns seriously?  We’re cringing at the thought.  That’s where an agent acts like an extra insurance policy, or your added lifeline.  They speak the lingo and know exactly who to call in favors to, in order to get your problem resolved while you suck down another frozen Dirty Banana.  We call that “Power in Numbers.” 


 As you can see, the upside is obvious, and the downside is obsolete.An agent is simply the equivalent of one less headache.Or like another lion in your pride.The extra wolf in your pack.The one who has your back and is determined to make your next adventure the best one yet!


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