Wondering what to do with all those flowers after the wedding? Here are our five favorite ideas!

1. Press your flowers:

Treasured Memories Pressed Flower Art is a local company specializing in pressed flower creations.  Andrea, owner, has always loved to be creative with art and took classes to learn how to press flowers and turn them into works of art. She works as a Wild Hill floral designer, so this business is a natural extension to preserve fresh floral arrangements into a longer lasting art piece.

To reserve a press or inquire about flower pressing go to tmpressedflowerart.com or email  tmpressedflowerart@gmail.com

2. Donate your flowers:

Unexpected Blooms is a charitable organization whose mission is to positively affect the emotional wellbeing of our community by delivering repurposed and recycled gently used flowers to create smiles and spread joy to individuals in healthcare facilities throughout Kansas City. 

Unexpected Blooms volunteers recut, refresh and reuse your wedding flowers to create beautiful bouquets that are delivered to brighten someone's day. Unexpected Blooms works hand-in-hand with healthcare, hospice, senior resident and social service communities throughout our city to touch people's lives.

To donate your flowers through Unexpected Blooms fill out this FORM Email completed forms to unexpectedblooms@gmail.com and work out the details of your donation with Unexpected Blooms! We ask that you also make sure all Wild Hill vases, totes and rentals are returned to Wild Hill.  

You can also go to: unexpectedblooms.org

3. Preserve your flowers:

Keepsake Floral: As the Nation's leader in special event & wedding flower preservation, Keepsake Floral preserves your actual wedding bouquet and flowers, creating a custom-crafted work of art you will treasure for years to come!

To learn more about Keepsake Floral go to keepsakefloral.com

Blume Box Co.: "The vision we have for our bride's bouquets are one of simple elegance - we want the preserved bouquets to be a piece of art, not another cheesy wedding craft. Our simple 10x10 inch rustic wood box filled with flowers from your special day exudes a timeless and classic feel."

To learn more about Blume Box Co. go to bloomboxbybrittany.com

4. DIY flower preservation:

Follow this Pinterest tutorial to learn how to preserve and arrange your bouquet in a shadow box! 

Click HERE for step by step instructions. 

5. Gift your flowers:

Thank your guests by letting them take home flowers! Think ahead and bring vases for your guests to put the flowers in. We ask that you make sure all Wild Hill vases, totes and rentals are returned to Wild Hill.